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Make A Deal With Sunesis Homes

SUNESIS HOMES is the life of the party in the homebuilding world! In fact, we like to keep things fun so we’ve eliminated complicated contracts, expensive extras, and boring interiors. Leave all the frustrating and restrictive conventional homebuilding methods to other builders!

Unlike other builders, Sunesis Homes won’t make you wait for over half a year to move into your new home. This means no more waiting to personalize your new home and no reason to move multiple times. At Sunesis, we’ve created a unique approach to make homebuilding fun for you while giving you the ability to select the cabinets, faucets, light fixtures, wall and floor finishes you want! Choose your own personalized interior selections and Sunesis will have it completed within your budget and time constraints!

People buying a new home today probably feel like they are playing one those classic game shows where contestants have to pick one of three doors. Whatever was behind the chosen door would end up being the contestant’s prize – even it was something like a goat. Similarly, in today’s homebuilding world, homebuyers only have two doors to choose from and their chances of ending up with something undesirable is much higher. That is until now…

Let’s look behind the doors new homebuyers can select from presently:

Behind Door #1 is a traditional “spec” home that has been built over & over again.

Builders love spec homes. They know exactly what their expenses and profit will be. They also make them “fool-proof” and “safe” for themselves by using neutral interior finishes and presenting a variety of boring beiges or grim grays throughout the house! Safe choice? Maybe… Dull and boring? You decide!

Behind Door #2 is a piece of land with nothing on it!

By choosing Door #2 you will sign a contract for something that doesn’t exist yet. While it is true you will be able to personalize your new home, there is just one problem… You must wait up to 240 days before getting the keys to the front door! But what if you’ve already sold your existing home? Your builder may say you can rent an apartment but isn’t moving twice inconvenient and expensive? Oh, and what about those items you forgot to include in the contract? Your builder would be happy to add items to his contract and receive higher margins.

It seems like neither of these doors are good choices for today’s new homebuyer. That’s why Sunesis Homes is having a grand opening for its newly finished third door! Thankfully, homebuyers can now choose Door #3!

Behind Door #3 is a quality – built home designed by award-winning architects, personalized by you, and ready to move into in just a few short weeks!

With Door #3, you can see, touch and inspect your new home before the contract is ever signed! Unlike a spec house, the exterior of our homes are completely finished and landscaped and on the inside, you only have drywall and unfinished floors! This allows you to select all the finishes that make a house become your own. Sunesis will do most of the hard work up front so you can have fun picking and choosing all the finishes that will personalize your home to your tastes! And unlike starting from an empty lot, there is a good chance we can have your customized home complete by the time you get your financing approved!

So don’t end up with a whammy. Make a deal with Sunesis Homes!

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